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Our partners / experts are specifically trained persons. You will have a team at hand that
provides the relevant knowhow and can rely on many years of experience.


  Claudia ZandClaudia Zand

Christiane Hohl Christiane Hohl

 Regina ReinhardtRegina Reinhardt

 Horst Veitl
Horst Veitl

 Birklind LangefeldBirklind Langefeld

Christine Kotter Christine Kotter

Peter ReinhardtPeter Reinhardt

Martin Käser 
Martin Kaeser

 Dr. Reto AgostiDr. Reto Agosti

 Ian KyburzIan Kyburz

Konrad Wiesendanger Konrad Wiesendanger

Annekathrin Dünki
Annekatrin Duenki

 Dr. Sven Körbel Dr Sven Koerbel

 Monika VoneschMonika Vonesch

 Martin HunzikerMartin-Hunziker

 Laura HunzikerLaura Hunziker

Shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn
Shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn  

Sandy Taikyu Kuhn 
Sandy Taikyu Kuhn  

 Petra WagnerPetra Wagner

Martin Patrick Moser
Martin Moser

Marlise Rüegger
Marlise Rueegger

Paul Stahlberg
Paul Stahlberg 
Ronald Meier
Roland Meier
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