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Working with and for people is always a complex challenge. Often things do not work according to our wishes - at the latest if the interpersonal area is interfered. Early detection and overview minimizes risks and costs.

z.B. ValueCheck visualizes (a small selection of versatile options).




- How significant is the risk of burnout?

- Does one know in which way regeneration works best?

- Is enough regeneration done?

- Is enough commitment shown?

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(How significant is the risk of fluctuation?)



- Does one knows their strengths / weaknesses?
- Is there any danger of doing things, which do not
  fit into one?
Is a (sufficient) sense of achievement existing?
Where is the innovation of frustration?
- Is the sense of achievement good enough to work
  on additional challenges?

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The Advantages:

Value Check, based on Value Profiles Plus, delivers proactive and scientific evidence.
Therefore risks can be minimized and management responsibilities can be determined more targeted
and successful.

Possible applications of ValuePlus profiles:
Employee satisfaction survey, Mental risk assessment, team development, recruiting.


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