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Supervision is a powerful tool for personal and professional development. It is a methodically
phase oriented consulting process that helps to reflect one’s own professional
situation, notably in:

  • Relief, stress reduction, differenciation, role clarification

  • Organizational improvement, increase in efficiency

  • Improving of the working atmosphere

  • Improving of the cooperation within and between teams or functional divisions.

Goal and benefit of the development of your strengths by supervision

  • Improvement of your perception    

  • Support in challenging situations

  • Support of your personal and professional
    development process

  • A critical view on yourself and your field of

  • Feedback on your personal impression

  • Clarification of difficulties with clients
    or colleagues at work

  • Improvment of your communicative and
    cooperative abilities

  • To detect and avoid future problems

  • Transfer of the acquired knowledge into
    your daily business

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