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  • To recognize the relevant factors of presenteeism (reduced performance) in the
    organization and in the individual.

  • To identify and to modify the barriers in the corporate-, network- and leadership capital

  • Positive transformation of presenteeism – for the organization and for the individual.

  • A health promoting handling with the job – with oneself and with colleagues.


  • Seminar

  • Group processes

Thematic focus

  • Impact of presenteeism on health

  • Costs of presenteeism

  • Extra-economic conditions of economic success

  • Measuring presenteeism

  • Process generated indicators of soft factors

  • Conceptional foundations

  • Recognizing and positive influence of the drivers of presenteeism

  • Networking capital

  • Leadership capital

  • Capital of persuasion and values (corporate capital)

  • Early indicators (health)

  • Late indicators (economic results)

  • Humane design of organisations

  • Mission statements, corporate culture

  • Commitment

  • Meaningfulness of work

  • Possibilities of participation

  • Practical exercises


Target groups and options of application

  • Executives and team leader of all hierarchical levels

  • HR responsibles

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