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Scientific background

The CRS was developped by physicians and natural scientists who have a vast experience in
molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular metabolism diagnostics and regulatory medicine.
The non invasive CRS-System is the advancement of the so called RSA – redox-serum analysis
which measures the redox potential of serum samples. For this process the serum samples are
initially incubated with standardized metabolites (e.g. radicals). The measurements allow conclusions about the current metabolic situation and the resilience against defined stress-factors. The RSA datapool includes more than 1.2 million readings which were confirmed by clinical diagnoses. RSA has been successfully used for years. Because RSA depends on invasive sampling, the basis for the non invasive CRS has been developed since 1997 using comparative measurements to RSA. Its development has been supported by the German Ministry for Economy and Technology. CRS is available in the medical field and competitive sport (CRS-med) and in the field of fitness, wellness, pharmacy and nutrition (CRS prevent)

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