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Metabolic Analysis with CRS


GPC offers the nique health check with the innovative
CRS analysis device (Cell Regulation- Screening).
The CRS analysis device is the first instrument that
allows a non-invasive screening method to check the
cellular metabolism. In a few seconds the health
status of the employees can be measured. This process
will be performed on site, i.e. during a health
awareness week during which the voluntarily
participating employees can get an appointment
for the health check. GPC ensures complete
anonymity of the data. A qualified health consultant
will record the results in a personal health certificate
which he will explain and discuss privately and
hand over personally. The employee will get informed
about his or her state of metabolism. Building on this
information he or she will receive individual advice.
The CRS system focuses on the important aspect of
metabolism which to this extent is unique in


Optical reading  on the heel
of the hand within seconds.
The sensor detects the auto-
fluorescence of the metabolic
substances. The personal
metabolic situation will be
made visible through the
immediate graphic analysis.

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