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  • To understand the background, the implications and the treatment of migraine and chronic

  • To understand possible (corporate) factors which can influence frequency and intensity of

  • To recognize the specific strengths of migraine-affected. How to utilize their potential and to
    integrate them in the company.

  • Impulses for the optimization of corporate health management

  • To recognize how the affected can introduce their potential in the corporate world.

  • Informations to the interaction with the team, the superiors, HR-responsibles and institutions
    (Insurances, SUVA, IV, etc.)


  • Seminars

  • Presentations

  • Consultations

Thematic focus

  • Migraine and chronic headaches

  • Origin, effect, treatment

  • Relevant factors

  • Preventive measures

  • Potential of migraine affected for the company


Target groups and options of application

  • Superiors and team leaders of all levels

  • HR officials

  • Migraine-affected persons

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