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Emotional stress


Separation, death, mourning  as well as illness 

can lead to a variety of emotional stress. This can affect anyone at any time and are
perceived and processed individually. Emotional stress is like a roller coaster of emotions
and do not stop at the workplace.

But how can we overcome these? As a sufferer, as outsiders such as Superiors, colleagues,
employees, friends and relatives.

As we reported e.g. a team that an employee has tried to take her own life, but soon
comes back to work? And what do we do if the employee will not return and as we generally
go around with returnees from the maternity, of a rehab clinic or
from a severe chemotherapy?

How do we behave as a company on suspicion of mobbing and who should do what, when an
employee will never come back?

All parties are required and there are no easy solutions. Therefore, a common argument in
advance is extremely important. Trust must be built respectively trust is present. Possible steps
must be determined and each employee knows every step. Thus,
in case of emergency all are
well and are a well-established team. Especially
in emergency situations, it is imperative that everyone knows who calls for help respectively who take appropriate action. Who speaks e.g. with the relatives? That everything should be clarified in advance and it should also be clear to each that managers,
HRM is not just therapists and, accordingly,
should not do so. The presence of each individual is important and sometimes this is already too much for individuals.

We will show you various ways to tailor-made learning styles and develop together with
you, the first and tailored especially for you steps. We will inform you preventative, of course we support you during a process and we come considerable time after an event, as it often takes time before the unthinkable become tangible.

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