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Seminar overview


The seminars and the workshops can be booked individually or company specific. There is a choice
of locations. We come to you for in house seminars, we have our own facilities, or we organize a
suitable seminar hotel.
Please contact us for more informations on the contents. We set the dates according to your
preferences and we are happy to implement your individual requests for the seminars. They can be
conducted in German, French and English.

We have the possibility to organize a presentation for each topic. Besides the well known themes like
leadership, stress, ergonomics etc. we cover issues like „migraine at work” with specialist of the
headache-center Hirslanden „Kopfwohl Jobwohl", as well as “influence of shift work on health”,
“prevention of presenteeism” and we offer supervision and mediation.
The ideal size for the seminars is 6 to 12 participants.


Registration as pdf and .doc(zip)


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